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Placement Openings

Below are the current job openings for churches with 10KFAM Placement Contracts. If any of these resonates with you, please reach out to If you have not yet completed the Placement Candidate form, please do that as well. We’ll continue to add to this page as we receive new openings!

Note: The salary ranges listed below depend on experience, level of expertise, and are approximate.

CROSSPOINT CHURCH – crown point, indiana

Thirty minutes outside of Chicago, located on a vibey little downtown square, Crosspoint is a young, growing church full of young, growing families. David & Beth Hamstra are a fun, thoughtful couple and someone is going to be lucky to get to work with them as the worship pastor at this church. 

The kind of leader who will work well is someone who can lead a band (musically), inspire a team, and shepherd a growing congregation. 

300-400 people. Flexible work rhythms. Moderate / Thoughtful.

Salary: $50-60k

Bible Fellowship Church – Newark, DE

Ten minutes from the University of Delaware. Andrew Hebel leads BFC, a church with an older demographic, with hopes of attracting some younger families. It’s starting, but Andrew’s only a few years into the job himself.

The kind of leader who will work well is someone who can lead a band (musically), attract college students, and shepherd a growing congregation. This leader does not need to be excessively charismatic or energetic. 

300-400 people. Flexible work rhythms. Old-school / Conservative. They are not open to hiring a woman for this role at this time.

Salary: $60-70k

Church at sandhurst – florence, sc

Dr. Adam Richardson & his wife Heather moved to Florence from Moscow 7 years ago to lead this church. After spending 20 years in Russia as missionaries, they were excited to live in a slower paced town (with infinitely fewer KGB agents!). Globally minded, patient, rooted and collaborative, Adam would be a dream to work for.

This church has one service, 500ish people, multi-generational. They really value ancient rootedness and the new moves of God. Decent band to work with too. This congregation will go wherever a biblically faithful worship pastor wants to lead them.

Salary: $64-78k, plus $6k for benefits and continuing education.

cross points church – shawnee, ks

15 Minutes North of Kansas City, Missouri, Cross Points is a spirit-filled, non-denominational church with a long and faithful history in the Shawnee.  Pastor David Jones has been devoted to this congregation for decades. He has recently led the charge on fundraising and vision casting for a massive remodel and upgrade of Cross Points’ facility and auditorium. 

The kind of leader who will work well here is competent musically, confident pastorally, and at times open to flowing with the Holy Spirit in ways that weren’t necessarily planned for in Order of Service on Planning Center.  600-800 People.  Charismatic/Thoughtful.  They are open to hiring a woman for this role.

Salary: $55-65K

integrity church – greenville, nc

Located in Greenville, NC, Integrity Church is a young, growing church devoted to maturing and multiplying disciples. Pastor Ben Tugwell, who founded the church 7 years ago, is thoughtful, fun, and would be a joy to partner with in ministry.
The leader who will work well at Integrity values development and discipleship.
The congregation is young, and with a constant influx of college students from ECU each Fall, there is no shortage of young leaders to train and send. Reformed/Thoughtful.

They are not open to hiring a woman for this role at this time.
Salary: $60-70K

(coming soon) the journey – newark, De

(coming soon) Fellowship of the rockies – pueblo, CO