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A private network of Worship Leaders from around the world.

Mere Worship

Leading through cultural upheaval is uncharted for all of us. Let's do it together.

What is Mere Worship?

100+ teaching videos, forums, groups and new friends—outside of the chaos of Facebook.

For the last 20 years, 10KFAM Worship School and Aaron Keyes have brought together Worship Leaders from around the world—walking with them for 18 months at a time, discipling them via Zoom, and strategically developing their church cultures from afar. This is different.

This platform of Mere Worship now allows our “living room” to be larger and more inclusive than ever before. No one is restricted by travel or cost, and new connections can form more easily than ever before.

We know how textured and nuanced things can be from one place to the next, from one season to the next, and from one leader to the next. Let’s hop in here together to brainstorm, learn from one another, and lead through these challenging times without burning ourselves out (or blowing our churches up in the process).

Many of the video modules also include teaching or stage notes to help you easily translate the content into your own context – to teach it to your team yourself, or incorporate practical skills into your leadership from stage.

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